Søya Cabin rental

Søya Gard - a fully operational farm with cows and sheep is located in the southern part of Gjesdal, about a 35-minute drive from Stavanger along the E-39 highway. The farm sits at an altitude of approximately 280 meters and is surrounded by a unique cultural landscape that has been shaped over the years through grazing by cows and sheep.

“The Eagle house” consists of 4 cosy cabins.

One of them have 4 separate bedroomsand houses 6 persons. The other  have 5 bedrooms houses 8 persons. 2 small cabins for 2 pesons. Shower/WC  and kitchen in all our cabins.

 With us you can enjoy both wonderful view and total tranquillity, or take trips into untouched forests or to very productive fishing. In the field you can visit the cows and sheeps.

Søya also has a farmshop and a gallery.

Dogs are not alowed.

Søya Kunst-Handverk (Farm Sale)

Come to Søya and give yourself the uniqe experience of a living farm. In our homey premises we offer wonderful, golden honey in several tempting variants, and you can also find a long list of exiting farm food products as well as a rich selection of high-quality decorative art. 

Søya Gallery

Welcome to our special gallery and have a cup of «Mountain-coffee» while you are looking on beautiful and various styles of art. You will find paintings, ceramics, glass-art, wooden-art and so on.